IEI Intelligent System Management Module

Update: 11/23/2010

What is the IEI Intelligent System Management Module (iSMM) ?

IEI iSMM is a system health supervision API which utilizes sensor chips on IEI motherboards to track system and CPU temperatures, voltages, cooling fan speed., WDT and Digital I/O set up status. By quickly capturing and reporting system health data, users can prevent disasters such as system instability or damage.

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  • External and on-chip voltages data feedback
  • CPU and system temperature data feedback
  • Cooling fan speed data feedback
  • Cooling fan speed controlled by PWM/On-Off/ Automatic Mode
  • Warning signals by beeper and sound effect
  • WDT Test
  • Programmable Digital I/O
  • System health confi gurations save and load


Know that your system is running within safe limits !!
Prevent disasters such as sysem unstability or damage.

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