UEFI Introduction

Update: 10/08/2010

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) BIOS is nextgeneration BIOS firmware based on UEFI specifications and the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI.

UEFI BIOS can be expanded by using a variety of drivers, development tools, support utilities and pre-boot application (PBA) solutions.

The architecture represents a structured implementation composed primarily of the following:
• Foundation code that binds the pieces together
• Modular elements of code that perform the functional job of enumerating and initializing the platform

UEFI Benefits

Expansibility –
ODM/OEM and customers can add their own PBA easily. PBA can be integrated in BIOS flash or placed in external mass storage devices.

Migration ability –
Drivers, PBA can be migrated easily from one platform to another because they’re designed highly modularize on a unified framework.



IEI Products with UEFI BIOS

1.QM57/HM55 chipset family.

2.G41 chipset family

3. D525/D425/ N455 family
UEFI BIOS has a better compatibility with the dual ranks x16 DRAM memory module for D425/D525/N455 series



1. Familiarity –
Providing advanced UEFI functionality with a familiar BIOS setup interface.

2. Compatibility –
Designed to extend BIOS compatibility into UEFI solutions. Supporting legacy Option Rom binaries and operating systems requiring a legacy BIOS runtime interface.

3. Functionality –
(1) Compliant with iSMM H/W monitor utility
(2) Dynamic LOGO
(3) Fast boot
(4) ICP Standard Feature – AT/ATX, WDT, DIO
(5) BIOS setup with touch device support
(6) HDD/Storage support over 2.2TB with 64-bit operation system

4. Extensibility –
Allowing to add and execute pre-boot applications (PBA) in a
protected hidden partition
(1) HDD Security
(2) Shell environment
(3) Pre-boot messenger (Third Party)
(4) Pre-boot Network Browser (Third Party)
(5) Pre-boot Antivirus (Third Party)

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