Update: 11/23/2010

Software OSD for IEI LCD Monitors

IEI smartOSD is an intelligent and easy to use proprietary On-Screen-Display (OSD) for IEI display monitors. The smartOSD allows remote, software-based adjustment of screen settings.The smartOSD works over a standard DVI or VGA cable.

Note: The smartOSD function is only supported by revision 11 models and above

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Overcome Operation Obstacles

Distance, location and multiple display units no longer present any obstacles when controlling the monitors with the smartOSD.


100% Compatible With VESA DDC/CI Protocol

IEI LCD monitors are implemented with the VESA DDC/CI protocol and the standard VESA Monitor Control Command Set (MCCS). Compliance software for designing displays compatible with VESA’s DDC/CI and MCCS standards are easily modified and applied in other application programs.

Various Remote Management Functions

Valuable for Project Base

The smartOSD can be very useful in many projects:

(1) Easy Configuration of Multiple Monitors
(2) Fast Configuration of Multiple Monitors
Unlimited smartOSD setting configurations can be stored in the memory thereby enabling
you to change or choose between memorized configuration modes more quickly.
(3)Smart Power Management

Modifiable for Customization Service

IEI OSD software is based on the VESA protocol standards and can be customized through a command library using customer defined MSSC commands. This programming feature supports easier software development.

Other Features

IP65 Waterproof front panel

IP65 standard is the highest dusty, water and oil proof level in general usage. It absolutely prevents any microparticle into the system from front panel, and let the system adapting harsh environment.

The SRM and MCM series support auto-dimming.
The screen brightness is automatically adjusted to match the ambient light. This causes less strain on people's eyes and reduces energy requirements.


Aremote controller ensuring easy OSD functions configuration.


The SRM monitors are readable in sunlight. The monitors support 800 and 1000 nits brightness. Unlike most sunlight readable monitors, that usually have six backlights, the IEI monitors still only have four backlights. This approach saves power and produces less heat.


Outdoor applications in daylight or other bright environments require technology that can suppress surface reflection. The SRM series has special AR (anti-reflection) surface treatment to prevent reflection, ensuring excellent visibility in daylight conditions.


Typical monitors can only be used in environments that have temperatures in the 0°C~50°C range, Extended IEI environmental testing is performed to ensure the TDM series continues to function properly over its entire service life in a wide working temperature range of -30°C to +70°C.


Light industry LCD monitors integrated with multiple video inputs through common video connectors including VGA, DVI-D,S-Video, component and BNC/Composite video input interfaces. The 5-in- 1 system connects to a wide range of devices and most electronic appliances.
(The AFL-07M/08M/10M/12M has a 4-in-1 system with VGA,S-Video, Component and Composite)

Light industry LCD monitors have PIP function enabling a second video/image to be viewed in a small on-screen window

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